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Daftar Isi [Tampil]
Akhirnya gue berhasil copas cerpen gue yang diterjemahin. Gue nggak pengen ngejadiin ini sebagai masalah yang serius. Bisa banyak penyebab kenapa ini orang bisa nerjemahin cerpen gue. Dan gue nggak tau modusnya apa.  Tapi makasih buat Ausar The Ville yang udah mau ngubah bahasa ini cerpen. Mungkin salah gue juga udah ngumbar-ngumbar cerpen.

Sebenernya gue share cerpen hanya bermaksud untuk berbagi, ya kali mungkin ada di antara lo yang pengen juga bikin cerpen dan butuh referensi. Namun kejadian ini beneran di luar ekspetasi gue.

Sekalian basah, gue buka kesempatan lah. Buat lo yang mau ngubah cerpen ini ke bahasa yang lain lagi, gue ijinin. Sekali lagi gue ijinin.  Serius.

Oke, ini cerpen gue ambil dari Buatan Ausar The Ville yang asalnya dari cerpen gue. Dari gue, dan kembali ke gue kudunya. *nyengir



Lately, I constantly feels forgetful. I forgot to take a shower, forgot time, and forgot the fact that I already have a girlfriend. It all started when I finally bought a brand new iPhone. Actually, that's not really that unimportant. The true reason that make me forget everything is because in my iPhone there's a game called, Hill Climb Racing. 

I'm shocked. There's twenty miscalls from my other cellphone. All those calls came from Terra's number, my
girlfriend. I probably forgot to tell her about my new iPhone problem, that's why she still calling me from my old number. Then, I decided to call her back.  But, what happens next makes me lose my desire to do anything.

Terra got cranky. "I WANT TO BREAK UP!" She screamed from the other side. 

In that moment, my world changed. Without even given me a chance to explain first. Not that I didn't put enough efforts. I tried to plead to her many times, and Terra stand still with her statement.
"Once we broke up, we're really broke up!"
Her words still lingers in my mind. And sometimes, I imagined her talks like Jennifer Lopez who just returned from Civil War. Clear. And can't be negotiated again.

I really broke up with Terra. All of that leaves me a very heavy case of heart broken. But I didn't show it. I decided to keep that for myself, and forced myself to enjoy it alone.

And finally, I decided to avoid her, to erase this deep scar on my heart. The fact is, that I still loves, and will
always loves Terra. So, every time the lunch break bell rang, I always peeked her walking with her friends to the school cafeteria. Just like before, she still looked pretty.

The next day still the same. And in my eyes, Terra is getting prettier. A week later, I tried to braced myself
trying to meet Terra. Just smiles, or at least say hi to her. 
I felt like I've got smashed to the nearest brick wall. The event goes too fast. When my eyes locked to hers. I saw her lips opened widely.
"What the heck are you doing here?!"
Terra pouted, curtly. Then, she left me.
"Hey, I still love you." I said, while I
followed her.
"Love?" She yelled. "Then, where the hell have you been all this time? Swallowed by the earth?!" She
"I know, I know. I'm sorry. I can explain!"
"Stop! There's no you and I anymore.
From now on, we're just friends ."

"Oh, you and I it's already over. Don't bother me again."
The next few days, I felt like I have been dosed with alcohols and drugs. I missed her dearly. But I still didn't want to call her. I decided to visit her house while bringing her favorite mushrooms pizza. But, it didn't work.
"Look, I just want to talk to you. I can explain.."
"There's no you and I in here. There's just two ordinary friends. I'm through with you, Gar."
"Okay, no problem. As long if you could just listen to my explanation." I said.

"No way. My feelings to you is already like a tea without a sugar. Flat!"
The conversation goes round and round.
In the end, all of that only makes me feel embarrassed and she gets angrier and angrier.

"Do you realize, that all this time I tried to avoiding you!" She said with a high pitched note. "And my efforts all this time goes on downslide, because you always appeared in my life!"

I felt silent. Silent without any words. I feel guilty. Really.
"If you must know, Gar. As long as you still standing in front of me like this, I became too weak to hold this painful feeling from my heart."
Her tears finally dampened her cheeks. Like a flood, it can't be contained. In an indirect way, I already kicked out from her house. I realized, that I already nobody for her. Watching her own tears fell with my own eyes, makes me feel uneasy. In that same moment, I decided to walk away from her life. Forever.

The world is not over even though Terra doesn't belong to me anymore. In my mind I'm thinking. If Terra can't move on, she's probably wants to return to me. I finally let her go. Whenever I go, I try to forget Terra. But, my heart rebelled. Strangely, the more I tried to forget, I eventually ended up remembered her.

Every time the school bells rang, when I saw Terra with her brightest smiles, my instinct say that I must approach her again. But after thinking that, it didn't come the result. I finally tired and gave up. A month later.
"Garfield!" A girl called me.
"Yeah, it's me."
The girl immediately sit next to me. We were in a bus stop, our favorite place to be together and also the place when we first met.
"You're not head home yet?"
"Are you waiting someone?"
"Waiting for.. me?"

"Can be.." I said. I looked toward her, and found her smiling.
"You know? I'm still sitting here all by myself. The feels still the same, even though the atmosphere doesn't looked like before."
"Me too."
"Hey, this is our spot! And now there's us. There's you and I. Not friends."
"Oh and by the way, I want to apologize."
"No, no, no! I'm supposed to be the one to apologize to you."
Terra felt silent.
"Let me be the one who should be apologizing to you."
"You can't, I'm supposed to be the one to apologize. I'm too selfish. I'm naïve. I'm the one who should listen to your explanation. I'm too hypocrite. I'm really sorry, Gar.."
"I'm the one who should apologize,
"No. I am. I'm still love you, Gar.."
"Sorry, Ter.."

"Terra. I'm so sorry! I'm already with Rachel!"
Two minutes later, Rachel came and grabbed my hand. Oh God, I couldn't bear. Once again I saw Terra crying in front of me. 
"Terra, I must get going. See you later."
Rachel greeted.
"Oh course, Rae.."
"Why both of your eyes red? Are you crying?"
"Ah, no. I just got a dust in my eyes.."
Terra lied, while curled up her smiles.

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  1. Ya ampun sampe segitunya kamu punya hp baru terus lupa segalanya, hadeh :D

  2. Entah kenapa lebih suka versi english nya


    Lebih dapet feel nya aja
    Kalau baca yg versi asli bawaannya inget adegan sinetron hihi


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